Officer: Internal Communication

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Core purpose of the role:

The purpose of the role is to manage, execute and implement the internal communications plan in alignment with the overall Communication strategy for the business as well as to provide support to the various divisions in the form of Communication expertise, plans, processes, tools and campaign management. Working closely with senior executives and line manager to establish organisational messages and keep staff informed of developments in order to facilitate employee engagement across various channels.

  1. Location: Head Office, Centurion
  2. Position: Officer: Internal Communication
  3. Business Unit: Marketing
  4. Reporting to: Senior Manager I: Communication and PR
  5. Closing date: 31 March 2019

    Key deliverables and outputs

    1. Establish an internal communications strategy in conjunction with the senior manager
    2. Manage, execute and implement the internal communications plan in alignment with the overall strategy for the business
    3. Manage and be the custodian of all internal communication collateral e.g. brochures, website, tours, video
    4. Ensure organisational initiatives are successfully and consistently communicated to all employees through various channels
    5. Plan, edit and write content for a variety of internal communications mediums, such as a staff intranet, monthly magazine or regular email bulletin
    6. To work with the design and marketing teams on the production and development of all internal content
    7. Respond to feedback from staff and adjust communications content accordingly
    8. Support the internal communications team with market related content when required
    9. Effectively applies a structured method/approach in regard to the roll-out of the campaign
    10. Minimise exposure and risk on the project
    11. Appropriate record keeping procedures are adhered to
    12. Feedback/status/progress reports to be circulated/presented to key reporting managers on a weekly/monthly basis
    13. Co-ordinate activities as required for Barloworld Limited and other divisions
    14. To act as a point of contact on the management of internal communications, providing advice and guidance on the full range of existing internal communications channels and developing new activities as appropriate
    15. Represent internal communications on projects as required to ensure that project managers take note of internal communication needs
    16. Builds a knowledge base of each business unit, organization and objectives
    17. Understand how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully
    18. Plan and develop Human Capital (HC) related communications
    19. Manage the HC Communications content calendar from planning, content development and dissemination

    Internal customers:

    1. Shareholders; All business units

    External customers:

    1. Customers; Suppliers; Media; Barloworld Limited

    Academic qualifications


    1. Degree in Communications


    1. Post graduate degree in communication or psychology

    Work experience


    1. 3 – 5 years in internal communication services and solutions in a business to business environment
    2. Engaging at Exco level
    3. Proven track record of translating complex business strategy into internal communication



    1. Industry best practices and methodologies
    2. Future industry trends
    3. Familiarity with information technology, especially digital and video means of communication
    4. Knowledge on employee value proposition



    1. Well-developed communication skills to interact professionally with all stakeholders, interacting at all levels, externally and internally.
    2. Communication skills related to persuading and influencing
    3. Listening
    4. Strong ability to reason with written information
    5. Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills as well as the journalistic ability to source stories from employees
    6. Highly developed interpersonal skills related to networking & conflict handling, including sensitivity to diversity
    7. Thinking skills to analyses and diagnose requirements or problems, develop integrated solutions and solve problems
    8. Ability to effectively record facts and chart information visually
    9. Strong ability to multi-task
    10. Computer, technology and systems

    Personal Attributes


    1. Commitment to maintaining business awareness
    2. Concern for communicating clearly
    3. Commitment to behaving correctly and ethically
    4. Concern for leading others & our cultures
    5. Customer centricity and focus
    6. Focus on innovating
    7. Focus on convincing and persuading
    8. Openness to accepting feedback


    1. Focus on initiating action
    2. Focus on getting things done
    3. Readiness to make and own decisions
    4. Orientation towards growing and nurturing relationships
    5. Strong inclination for change agility
    6. Preference for team-working
    7. Appreciation for challenging others with respect
    8. Perseverance

    Barloworld Logistics is an equal opportunity employer and preference will be given to individuals from the designated groups.

    If you have not received a response within two weeks of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful

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